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Skullbeatz - Helios

2017-09-05 13:20:41 by Skullbeatz

Hi Newgrounds! I've finally managed to do some stuff again. It feels good making music after almost a year.

What do you think about it? Tell me :)

Download here



Cosmotrons Demo now on Steam!

2017-02-09 11:55:49 by Skullbeatz

This is the theme I've made for Cosmotrons, an arcade space shooter in a nice retro style. The demo is available on steam right now. Try it out!
Klick here to download the Demo from Steam

OMFG Download this embarrassing piece of junk here at newgrounds!!!111!eleven!!! lolkthxbbq



Killer Pixel! New track!

2016-10-07 06:29:14 by Skullbeatz

Hey folks! Download this piece of rotten garbage here at newgrounds :)


Happy 8Bit day!

2016-02-20 11:30:08 by Skullbeatz

I've made up a new holiday. just take a day off and enjoy whatever you love doing :)

So happy 8-bit day to you!

Download here

Skullbeats @ SoundCloud

First track in 2016

2016-01-18 10:51:56 by Skullbeatz

Hi there! This is my first track in 2016. Hope it will be an awesome year for you

Melodic Dubstep: Endless

2015-09-09 11:44:48 by Skullbeatz

Check out my other pages as well!

Thanks for listening!

Tomb Raider 1 Theme Remix!

2015-07-02 10:12:47 by Skullbeatz

Updated version of my Tomb Raider Remix
This great soundtrack for the original Tomb Raider was composed by Nathan McCree.
Download this track here at Newgrounds!

New 8-Bit/16-Bit style track!

2014-11-29 16:32:00 by Skullbeatz


Finally something new!

2014-04-17 14:12:15 by Skullbeatz

Finally after a thousand years a new track!