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2013-04-03 09:24:14 by Skullbeatz

Great 8 Bit Shit!

2013-02-01 18:53:15 by Skullbeatz

Stupid title... :D

8 Bit meets Dubstep!

2012-07-03 17:58:59 by Skullbeatz

8 Bit meets Dubstep!

New 8-bit-stylish Track!

2011-12-02 07:06:38 by Skullbeatz

A new 8-bit-style Track. I mainly used the free VST Triforce for the 8-bit sounds. Enjoy, rate and comment!

Skullbeatz - Get on top

8 - Bit Flavour

2011-10-26 06:37:30 by Skullbeatz

New 8-bit song!

Skullbeatz - 8 Bit Flavour

Press Pause

2011-06-15 09:51:48 by Skullbeatz

Press Pause Part 2

The Renewal of my first Newgrounds-submission.
Feel free to fall asleep!

Written by Christopher d'Alquen (Skullbeatz) 2004-2011

We Heart 8 Bit

2011-04-28 04:38:57 by Skullbeatz

The New Version of I Heart 8-bit
This is not truly 8-bit.
I just tried to combine different Videogame sounds and feelings together and came out with this track.

We Heart 8 Bit

Skullbeatz everywhere!

2011-02-21 13:26:55 by Skullbeatz

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2 new beats are coming this week.. so stay tuned!

Skullbeatz everywhere!

New Stuff!

2011-02-04 19:09:13 by Skullbeatz

Skullbeatz Youtube-Channel

Merry Christmas!

2010-12-22 05:44:42 by Skullbeatz

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all of you!